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Osayo’s latest brew Me & You is bursting with funk and flair

An R&B artist by trade and budding connoisseur of genre fusion, Osayo (Tey Orion) brings  us his debut single Me & You (Me Ne Woa). Recorded in three languages (Twi, Pidgin and English) the track sparks fire with its distinctive reggae vibe and an abundance of funk.

Born in Ghana and having lived in South Korea, the U.S., Canada, Burkina Faso, Cuba, Turkey and Australia, Osayo captures a vibrant and dynamic feel through his craft. Self-taught on the guitar and piano, Osayo leaves the impression of an artist well beyond his years.


No stranger to experimenting with sound, the Canberra-based Osayo draws on a knack for reggae and funk to create the sensational new single, Me & You (Me Ne Woa).

Produced by Rony Turn Me Up, the single features a perfect blend of lyric and language. Hopeful and romantic in its tone, an injection of electronic beats mark the tune’s genre-blurring flair, while hip-hop elements amp up the energy with a fierce and danceable bounce.

The music video complements the song with a vibrant yellow backdrop and atmospheric landscape. Flashy and high-spirited, Osayo is centre stage in the clip, soaring with soulful vocals and an earnest charm.

To pin-point the stylish sounds of Osayo is no easy task – but man, is it fun. For this artist, the creative process is not fixed. Instead he views music with no genre as music in its purest form.

Me & You (Me Ne Woa) is a lively and ripper introduction to Osayo. As cool as a winter morning and fresh as a daisy, the single provides listeners with a certified banger. Pushing the pop-friendly R&B boundaries is just the norm for this artist, who has most definitely cemented his place on the scene.


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May 25, 2018