palettes soundtrack aughties pop-punk delirium on debut self-titled EP

palettes have shared their debut self-titled EP, a six-track collection spanning aughties punk edge to poppy sing-along melodies. 

The EP opens with blood red. (sidewalks), which makes use of punchy drum rolls and the grungy guitar work of palettes bandmate Austin Esry.

For his part, vocalist Adam Blasi pairs the melodic instrumentation with a contagious howl, singing of life’s obstacles from “tripping on sidewalks” and burning bridges. 

palettes debut self-titled EP

Enlisting Brian Butcher — lead vocalist of the band, The Home Team — for the second track, sky blue. (writing me off) sees palettes lament being dismissed and “playing pretend.”

There’s a course of red-hot vexation that traces through the track, to the point where you can’t help but scream along as Blasi screeches “you’re fucking wearing me out.” 

The lyrical tone seamlessly matches the track’s overall production, which comes courtesy of Butcher himself. sky blue. picks up the pace towards its latter moments, as Esry delivers rapid electric strums alongside Blasi’s quick-cadence lash outs.

Anger turns to hurt on forest green (breathe easy), where Blasi sings candidly of “spinning in circles inside my mind.” Here, palettes ruminate on late-night thoughts and taking it a day at a time, as punctuated by Esry’s striking strings.

The guitarist really shines on slate. (picking up your pieces), with a prolonged intro solo that sets the scene for the EP’s clearest pop-punk cut.

With the flair of Brendon Urie, Blasi flits between pained whines to pristine melodies, with assists from featured artist Joey Fleming. 

Penultimate track yellow. (losing my patience) incorporates ear-catching flairs like the ding of a microwave bell and backing vocal whispers in what makes for the EP’s catchiest entry.

palettes finalise the project with violet. (little bit of everything), which effortlessly culminates their sound with all the euphoric vocals and thrashing instrumentation you could hope for. 

“Take a little more responsibility,” Blasi sings in what feels like a declaration of his musings this far, “it’s not what it used to be.” With a tracklist so stellar, you’d be forgiven for thinking the duo of palettes have been in the game for decades, and yet the Seattle-based Blasi and Esry only founded the band in 2021.

Get caught up with palettes with their new debut self-titled EP below.