Are we getting a new Paramore track this week?

Paramore know how to keep us on edge with their cryptic clues and sound bites, as they tease a potential third single off their upcoming album This Is Why.

Paramore is out here toying with our emotions once again by teasing us with a new track. We are exactly one month away from the release of their highly anticipated sixth album, This Is Why, and the band have taken to social media by posting a photo of the trio. In the photo, they are striking poses and dressed to the nines in black, with a simple caption: “C’est Comme Ça. 1.12.”


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This has sent many of us into a frenzy, getting us asking ourselves is this their way of letting us know that they are dropping a new track in two days’ time? But also what does “C’est Comme Ça” mean? Well luckily, we have Google translate, which does come in handy when decoding the band’s cryptic clues. However, this is Google translate so do take this with a grain of salt, but from what it has detected “C’est Comme Ça” is French for the phrase “It’s like that”.

The band also posted another teaser to their Instagram story, which played a five-second sound bite along with the caption “CCC”. Which Twitter user @paramorecount captured and saved for all of us who may have missed it.

With the caption on their posts containing the date for the 12th January, I guess we will be anxiously waiting for the next two days to see what Paramore has in store for us. Will they give us a third single before the album release? Only time will tell. In the mean time, you can stream their their singles This Is Why and The News via Spotify below.