NSW Parliament throws support behind music industry sexual harassment review

The NSW Parliament have formally declared they will support the upcoming review into the Australian music industry.

In December, it was announced that Australia’s music industry would face a “broad cultural review,” into the sector’s culture of sexual harassment and systemic discrimination.

Of course, it wasn’t the Liberals that decided to back the investigation. Rather, it was the shadow minister for music, John Graham that put forward his intention to support the review, according to reports by The Music Network.

Jaguar Jonze has been a leading voice behind the movement | Credit: Getty Images

“We want this to be a very positive step,” stated the Labour MP. “Even though it won’t be easy to tackle these issues of sexual harm, harassment and discrimination”.

The review began at the start of the month, and will listen to the experiences of industry members through focus groups, an online survey, one-on-one interviews, and a “confidential online written submission process”.

Reports from the review will not publish the names of people who contributed to its findings, nor those who have been accused of any misconduct.

The organisers have prefaced that they “will not investigate any individual incident, instead focussing on how past experiences can improve the future of the industry.

There are a bunch of other organisations who have announced their support for the movement, including the legends at Support Act who will help fund the review and keep track of finances.

APRA AMCOS, ARIA PPCA, Warner Music Australasia, and Australia Council are also amongst the bodies who have given vocal or financial support.

If you have anything you’re willing to contribute to the review, you can register to do so here.

Alternatively, you can email a written statement to [email protected]