Patch: The Card Game unlocks new creative pathways on your modular synth

Created by James Cigler, Patch: The Card Game provides a fun and creative way to meet your potential with your modular synth rig.

Patch: The Card Game is a simple tool that was originally created by James Cigler to expand his modular synth skills and creativity.

Now available to everyone, the deck includes Abstraction, Disruption, and Progression cards, each prompting the player to make a decision that they wouldn’t typically make.

Patch the card game


The three types of cards each offer different ways of making choices. Abstractions set a framework that the patch must follow, Progressions aim to slowly morph the patch over time, and Disruptions alter the patch significantly, even creating a challenge for the player.

Patch: The Card Game aims to break up the flow of your typical modular routine. Due to the variety of modules out there, and the difference in every setup, the cards offer universal prompts applicable to any setup. You could even boot up Reason or Voltage Modular 2.0 on your laptop for some good fun.

James says that the basic way to play is to:

  1. Separate and shuffle the Abstraction cards into their own pile. Shuffle the Progression and Abstraction cards into another pile.

  2. Draw at least one Abstraction card and start patching, following the rule set by that card. The Abstraction card should stay in play for reference.

  3. At some interval (eg. every 5 min), draw a card from the Progression/Disruption pile and do the actions described on the card before placing it in a discard pile.

  4. Repeat this as many times as you like until you feel the patch is finished. If you run out of Progression/Disruptions cards, shuffle the discard pile as your new draw pile.

For more details, visit the Patch: The Card Game website.