Just kids: Patti Smith took to the streets of NYC to busk on Election Day

Just kids: Patti Smith took to the streets of NYC to busk on Election Day

Patti Smith blows NYC voters away with her impassioned live performance of People Have the Power on Election Day.

Right before the Election Day lines closed, Patti Smith hit the streets of NYC to busk for voters. Alongside old friend and collaborator Lenny Kaye, Smith knocked off a punky rendition of People Have the Power, from her 1988 debut album Dream of Life, in an inspiring display.

A crowd flocked to the Sixth Avenue corner in Manhattan just to watch the legend perform, with people loudly clapping and singing along. Patti Smith had to remove her mask to sing, but as the respectable citizen that she is, maintained social distancing etiquette throughout the performance.

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Patti Smith was visibly moved by the song, her body pulsing with passion. The singer is no stranger to standing up for what she believes is right, as much of her musical career was flavoured by political activism, and this song proved her devotion once again.


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Towards the end of the song, her face combusted with emotion, and she sang out, crescendoing with an empowering message for all: “The power to dream to rule/ To wrestle the world from fools/ It’s decreed the people rule!

To finish it all off, Patti Smith raised a triumphant fist, leaving the crowd with strong words of advice: “Use your voice, vote!”

Watch the full video here.

Thanks, Patti. We loved it.

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