Paul McCartney announces huge new ‘Flaming Pie’ box set

A brand new box set of Paul McCartney’s 1997 album Flaming Pie is set to be released this July. The box set is the latest addition to McCartney’s Archive Collection that the singer-songwriter has personally been overseeing the past couple of years.

The collection will include a flurry of deep cuts and outtakes, as well as studio and home recordings.

The huge new box set for Paul McCartney’s late-career highlight, Flaming Pie, will feature dozens of outtakes, new material and lost recordings.

The complete set will feature a gigantic amount of material. With a whopping four LPs, two DVDs and five CDs, there is more than enough material to delve into.

The original album featured a huge amount of previous McCartney collaborators. Ranging from Jeff Lynne through to George Martin and Ringo Starr, the album was seen as a return to form for McCartney. It also nabbed him a nomination for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

The album came to life through McCartney’s work on The Beatles Anthology. He explained at the time of the album’s release, “The Anthology reminded me of the Beatles’ standards and the standards that we reached with the songs. So in a way, it was a refresher course that set the framework for this album.”

Check out the complete video rundown of the massive box set below.