Paulina Porizkova poses nude, sharing a timely body-positive message

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has taken to Instagram to send a timely body positive message to the world, in a move to take back her body. 

Porizkova, 57, known best for her modeling, and being married to Ric Ocasek, late band member of The Cars, posted a nude photo on social media last Friday, taking the opportunity to discuss the difference between “objectification” and “celebration” of the female figure.

Porizkova shared, “In a patriarchal [sic] society, women have always been seen as objects of desire or nurture. Because these are the needs of men who run the world. This is why youth and beauty are such a strong currency.” 

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The stunning supermodel went on to say that when a woman “decides to objectify herself,” she’s “taking the powers she has been given and using them in her own interest but is simultaneously helping to perpetuate a system which has always existed.” By doing so, Porizkova wrote, “she will be shamed and celebrated by both the perpetrators and the victims.”

Reflecting on her successful career as a model, she says a man would be “celebrated” for “seizing his power” in the same way, before reflecting on her experiences as one of the most successful catwalkers of the 1980s.

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“I’ve come to wonder if objectification falls mainly into the realm of youth,” she mused. “When I was a young model exposing my body, it was because someone else approved of it. Someone else decided it was to be celebrated. I didn’t know enough to have an understanding of consequences. Hence, objectification.”

She eloquently wrapped up the post with, “Now, when I expose my body, it it [sic] with my full knowledge and consent. Hence, celebration.”


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Porizkova has shared, with great candidness, her feelings about re-entering the world of modeling at her present age, and how she feels about her body: “I’m a 57 year old woman, starting my life over. I compare myself to other women my age all the time. When I fit in- but somehow feel like I also stand out in a positive way, I feel good about myself.”

She concludes: “To all you, my fellow sisters, notice the crepeyness of my lower belly, which is what happens when you’ve borne two kids, are thin and 57, regardless of how good your abs are. I’ve decided to think of it as kinda sexy- like rumpled silk sheets instead of a smoothly made bed. It has a history of making love.”