Pendulate is a wild and free monosynth from Eventide and Newfangled Audio

Eventide and Newfangled Audio come together to create Pendulate, a beautifully chaotic (and free!) virtual monosynth.

Eventide and Newfangled Audio have collaborated on a new monosynth Pendulate, building a virtual instrument around the chaos of a double pendulum. For those unfamiliar with the principle, two pendulums joined together creates a continuously chaotic and unpredictable motion.

In Pendulate, the double pendulum phenomenon is applied to the monosynth’s oscillator. The oscillator moves in unpredictable ways, simulating a double pendulum. A visual representation of the oscillator’s movement is included in the interface for user reference.

Pendulate synth

Players can still retain some control over the chaos, with two knobs allowing for the manipulation of the oscillator’s shape and amount (aptly named Chaos Amount and Chaos Shape). Each parameter in Pendulate can be modulated by an envelope generator or through MIDI and MPE sources. There are also 136 preset sounds for those who would rather dive straight into performance.

Pendulate is designed to steer users toward new sounds. Since the oscillator’s parameters are generated randomly, Pendulate can produce some seriously strange tones, as evidenced by the demo below.

To find out more or to download this free instrument, go to the Eventide website. A more advanced version of the plugin called Generate is due for release on September 8.