Celebrity chef and anti-vaxxer Pete Evans runs for the Senate

Controversial ex-TV star Pete Evans has traded dinner plates and score cards for a seat in the Senate with The Great Australian Party.

Best known as a former judge on My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans announced this morning that he would be the newest candidate running for the Senate with former One Nation senator Rod Culleton.

Evans has previously shared his controversial views on vaccinations as well as sharing his support for various conspiracy theories. Sponsors dropped the ex-TV star after he shared a Neo-Nazi image last year, to which he responded I had to actually Google what neo-Nazi meant.”

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

The announcement of his political venture was made via the party’s Facebook page in which Culleton wrote: “Pete Evans has maintained his principles and inspired others in the face of uncommon adversity.”

“Pete Evans has consistently demonstrated courage in exposing matters of public information and interest, provoking much-needed debate despite personal cost to himself.”

Last December, Facebook removed Evans’ account after he posted misinformation about COVID-19. The Therapeutic Goods Administration also fined him $25,200 for claiming a $15,000 light machine could be used against coronavirus

The announcement received mixed reactions from both the public and the GAP supports, with thoughts that Culleton made a horrible decision to appoint the TV star.