‘Doctor Who’ star Peter Capaldi is about to drop his debut album

Peter Capaldi, who portrayed The twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who, has announced the upcoming release of his debut album.

Peter Capaldi seems to have been a lot more productive than the rest of us during lockdown.

Last week it was revealed that he has been working on his debut album, and has plans to release it later in the year.

Image: BBC Pictures

The actor is most famous for his role as The Doctor in Doctor Who, which he held for three seasons between 2013-2017. But many didn’t know that he has a history of musical talent.

In the early eighties, Capaldi fronted a band called The Dreamboys.

A music insider speaking to The Sun said that: “Peter has been a huge music fan for years and was doing that before his acting career properly took off.

“That stopped him from singing and making music for a while but in recent years he has got back into it and put some music out just for the joy of it.

“But when the lockdown struck, it felt like the perfect opportunity to get his head down and work on a full project of his own.”

No clues have been given as to the style of music Capaldi has in mind. However, Capaldi has recently struck up a friendship with singer Lewis Capaldi, and clearly enjoys his music.

The pair met at Lewis’ concert in 2018, and are distant relatives. Capaldi even starred in Lewis’ music video for Someone you Loved.

Lewis is known for his singer/songwriter style, which sways towards pop.

But Capaldi’s eighties band, The Dreamboys, falls within the post-punk genre, and may well influence his upcoming album.

Capaldi currently stars in a West End show called Constellations, and is preparing to work with Doctor Who producer, Steven Moffat in an upcoming series The Devil’s Hour.