Phoebe Bridgers Drops a Serve on Margaret Court’s Outdated Views

Phoebe Bridgers has led her Melbourne crowd in an iconic chant against Margaret Court for her homophobic views.

If you were part of us unfortunate ones who did not get to grab a ticket to Phoebe Bridgers’ Melbourne show at Margaret Court Arena, then you would be screaming with massive FOMO right now after seeing the US singer-songwriter’s iconic moment calling out Margaret Court.

Only Bridgers would be the type of artist to research the woman who the venue was named after, and lead her audience in a chant that basically told Margaret to go fuck herself. With a packed-out arena of adoring fans screaming “Fuck Margaret Court!”, it was a sight to behold.

Despite Court’s legendary Tennis career, she has been quite public with her opposing views on same-sex marriage, and quite frankly just being straight up homophobic. Her past is littered with vocal opposition to gay rights reforms in Australia, something that’s left a bitter taste in the mouths of most people who aren’t bigots.

On Wednesday night Bridgers took a moment to address the venue’s namesake. Her speech begun with “So, Margaret Court,” before continuing on with “Fuck that stupid-ass, dumbass bitch. Fuck that stupid cunt. Change your name!”

Bridgers also added: “I think hate is undervalued. I think it’s a fucking weird white supremacist idea that hate is bad or something. You know what I mean? It’s like hate is like what moves things throughout history. I hate that stupid bitch. Hate is how you protect yourself. What, are you never supposed to be angry, ever?”