Phoenix Manson performs his lo-fi house DJ set atop a waterfall for his Natural Selections #001.

If Bear Grylls and David Attenborough scored their nature explorations with transcendent house music, the result would be DJ Phoenix Manson

Combining beautiful drone footage of sprawling mountain ranges and trees, as well as delightfully relaxing close ups on curious lorikeets and the serene image of Phoenix Manson sitting crosslegged atop a streaming 286 metre-high waterfall while he performs his lo-fi house set amidst the elements, Natural Selections #001 is a beacon of individuality.

This new set from Manson was inspired by his trip to Goa, India, in which he performed while overlooking the Arabian Sea. His exceptionally well-travelled aura and reverence for the natural world is apparent throughout every second of his chill lo-fi set.

Effortlessly combining his passions and creating a mesmerising experience is par for the course for such a unique an artist as Manson, his essence shining through the screen.

Using music as a medium to bring awareness and gratitude to the beauty of Mother Nature, Manson marries Planet Earth with the all-night house music of an early morning rave.

In this way he makes each more accessible, and fosters a curiosity among those who find his work. These landscapes are not just reserved for Netflix specials, and lo-fi house isn’t just for drug induced self-realisations.

Everything can and should be intertwined, especially such sacrosanct forces as music and nature.

phoenix mason natural selection 1

Hypnotically immersive, Manson’s drive and vision are clearly at the helm of his creative output. An overwhelming sense of gracious spirituality, Natural Selections #001 truly overflows with possible applications.

A study soundtrack, a trance-like viewing session, a meditative score or simply a tool for relaxation.

There is much to marvel at; the stillness of the creature captured on film, the beatific landscape, the calmness and passion in which Manson performs for the elements and himself and the music itself.

Unique, yet drawing on the wealth of lo-fi contemporaries and predecessors, Manson’s particular brand of house is special, and full of moments to hang onto and relive.

Calmly flowing from one track to the other, Manson takes his time and basks in the pleasure, silently suggesting we do the same.

Watch and listen to Natural Selections #001 above.