Space Shot release indie rock debut album Be With You In A Moment

Emerging from Central Massachusetts, Space Shot fuse college rock and indie sensibility on their debut album Be With You In A Moment

Composed of lifelong friends and a recent new addition to complete the trio, Space Shot have jumped into the Massachusetts alternative rock scene headfirst.

From house parties in Vermont to the studio, Space Shot have already experienced a lot for their first few years on the scene.

space shot new album 2024

Released in October of 2023, Be With You In A Moment brings forth the unique energy cultivated between band members.

Lead single and album opener Oregano is full of angular grooves and offbeat riffs.

Driven by a sharp vocal vaguely reminiscent of Placebo and thickly distorted walls of guitars, the frantic energy is matched and eventually overtaken by erratic drum parts and consistent fills.

Oregano works well as an introduction to the pure speed at which Space Shot travel at.

Stop & Go is similar in its drive, leaning further into the alternative rock edge that Space Shot revere.

There’s a theatricality to Stop & Go that makes it more endearing, and a showcase of instrumental and compositional talents.

Equally adept at their roles, Space Shot sound seasoned and sure. Hit & Run revives the offbeat energy, infusing it with funk rock and personality.

If Kasabian played a little more with synths and disco beats, the comparison would be more accurate. It’s an interesting swerve, though one that the band execute fairly well.

Look The Same and Dead End Baby reanimate the classic rock influence, with the latter sounding like something off of a modern Green Day record.

The energy is exciting and engaging, a high point of the record, and perhaps an indication of the bands most comfortable genre fit. Taking A Ride and Mirrors bring us back to the indie rock scene, with clean guitars and gentle melodic hooks.

It’s a softer few minutes, one that is welcome amongst the grit and drive.

Fast As It Takes brings the aggression to the forefront, harkening back to Dead End Baby and proving itself as one of the album’s best tracks.

The record closes with Over The Sun, a sprawling alternative rock track that feels fit for an isolated road trip soundtrack.

There is a lot to like about Space Shot, and plenty to dive into with this debut record.

Listen to Be With You In A Moment below.