PIEN Paints Emotional Landscapes with ‘Clouds’: A Blissful Slice of Dream-Pop

Experience the enchanting journey of Dutch singer-songwriter PIEN as she unveils her heartfelt single, ‘Clouds’.

“It’s all about honesty and raw feelings”, explains London-based Dutch singer-songwriter PIEN, in reference to the forces that fuel her original songs.

After the release of her fifth single, ‘WTF’, in May this year, her latest release ‘Clouds’ comes across as a blissful slice of dream-pop, that contrasts to its heavy lyrical content about failed romantic relationships. 


Explaining the meaning of her latest song, PIEN states, “[it’s] about thinking you’ve found love but realising that something’s missing…everything looks perfect, but the feeling isn’t there…you learn from that experience that you need to find ‘real’ love”. 

Indeed, the heart is a most vital organ for the inspiration of PIEN’s songs. Often described as heartfelt and sincere, the heavy style of her early emotional rock track ‘Fall Apart’ has now been replaced by the tender musing of her more recent songs, such as ‘Space Needle’, ’Mascara Tears’, and most recently on ‘Clouds’, which will be released on July 14. 

‘Clouds’ impressively conveys the relaxing atmosphere of a blissful summer afternoon from the mind of this young artist, while its lyrics oppose the tranquility with its emotional and sometimes bitter lyrics. Stringed sounds from banjo and slide guitar contrast nicely with ambient synth and soft drums, with PIEN’s sweet and delicate pop vocals atop them. 

PIEN is currently working on her debut EP, which she plans to release in 2025 as an aural collection of her “thoughtful, nuanced and authentic” style, as described by online cultural sites like Clout and Goat Head Records.

Describing herself as a “singing ray of sunshine” upon her original TikTok channel, PIEN’s impressive online presence is diversified upon a handful of platforms for peak engagement with her fans. You can find the lyric video for her single ‘WTF’ upon her YouTube channel, along with full-length live videos recorded in Glasgow while you can stream her ‘Clouds’ below.

In September this year, PIEN will perform at the Summer Park Sessions festival in the Netherlands, a nice continuance of her emergence after receiving airplay on BBC Introducing (North East & Yorkshire), and an interview with online Scottish mag, Disobedient. 

Review by Corin Shearston