Polymer expose the flaws of materialism on new single ‘King of Suburbia’

Earlier this year when Polymer gave us a taste of their upcoming debut album, we predicted that it could just be one of Sydney’s most righteous releases. 

Now that Polymer has released King of Suburbia into the world and we can confirm that Zealot’s Box is looking hot to trot

polymer band

King of Suburbia is an exciting slosh of distinctive classic rock, exuding a signature sound and attitude that Polymer has quickly claimed as their own. 

Start Again was the first single we heard from Polymer, an energetic, gritty, stadium-ready release. The rest of the album is set to match this tenacity, oozing a dark and moody image of the warehouse where Polymer wrote and recorded the album. 

An unconventional creative process also meant that Polymer could make a deep exploration of themselves through music. Lead vocalist and guitarist Anthony Semrani discussed the process:

“Creating an album is the chance to be a real story teller… Recycling energy you find out in society, and having music as a creative bi-product is something special…”

As the world grapples with a vast number of unprecedented issues in 2020, it’s interesting to observe the way that individual people react to what is happening, showing weakness and strength in the most profound ways. King of Suburbia, one of the album’s highlight tracks, breaks down the illusions of power and prestige, exposing the flaws of suburban life. The  lyrical narrative flawlessly represents the complexities of materialism; all the while drenched in rock and roll grit that would make anyone swoon. 

After establishing themselves in Sydney’s rock scene in various other projects and collaborations including Age Of Menace and Samsara, Polymer formed in 2018. It’s somewhat surprising that the band’s chemistry is so evident within a debut, however, this might be because of the group’s vast  collective experience as musicians.

Either way, we know that future releases will be monstrous in nature, and for that we can’t wait. 


Zealot’s Box is out August 21.