Pomaa releases her epic follow-up to debut single with transformative EP Bridge To Somewhere

Back In Time fuses rock vibes, fuzzy guitar chords & loose drum build-ups, creating an ominous sense of irritation & rage.

Off the back of her acclaimed debut single I Can’t Wait Til This Doesn’t Matter released in 2021, Pomaa has returned with her stunning five-track EP, Bridge To Somewhere.

Inspired by the immense strain the pandemic placed upon any and all relationships, specifically her own, Bridge To Somewhere capitalises on our broad sense of the unknown, and our subsequent lack of control over anything at all. 


Opening with Wide Eyed, the story of being the only sober person at the party, hones in on feelings of isolation and alienation, the Wolf Alice influences perhaps at its most prevalent in the shimmering choruses, a siren song for social introverts.

Back In Time leans into psychedelic rock of eras past, an ominous sense of irritation and budding rage within the fuzzy guitar chords and loose drum build ups.

Reminiscent of Perth’s Tanaya Harper, Pomaa floats graciously through her scathing lyrics, never betraying her aura of cool collectedness. The midpoint of Bridge To Somewhere comes in the form of the melancholic Witchflower.

A reflection and an ode to oneself, Witchflower collapses in on itself with its Oasis-like guitar riffs and flowery back-up vocals. Pomaa takes her time throughout Witchflower, giving the sonic ebb the time it deserves.

Laced with a sense of brewing positivity, the track brings Bridge To Somewhere right down to its bare bones. 

Rising up from the comfortable ashes of Witchflower, Pomaa takes a right turn into her darker side with Doing It Right.

Her lower register takes the lead on this ostensible breakup song, one that regrets the mere fact that it has ended up in the same situation once again.

Closing with aptly titled Outro, Pomaa releases her uncertainty and surrenders to the unknown that once proved as insurmountable. 

Ethereal like Wolf Alice, experimental like Tame Impala and transcendent like the Cocteau Twins, Pomaa holds her own whilst drawing comparison to some of the greats, asserting herself as not merely a carbon copy, but a refreshing amalgamation of all that has inspired her, as well as her imitable, iridescent uniqueness.

Psychedelic arrangements with a spotlight on Pomaa’s melodic prowess, Bridge To Somewhere is instead a journey into the depths of Pomaa’s artistry. 

Listen to Bridge To Somewhere below.

Review By Caitlin Norris