Here are the weirdest things Americans were searching for on Pornhub during election week

Pornhub has just released its search history for the United States during the 2020 election, and to be honest, it all adds up (particularly Florida).

The Pornhub insights for the 2020 election week have been released, and it’s really quite the journey.

Breaking down the most-searched keywords on Pornhub for each American state, we really start to connect the dots and get a sense of where everyone’s head was at during November’s highly contentious presidential election.

pornhub election week insights

According to Pornhub, the states who really committed to the 2020 election were spread out across the country, with the District of Colombia dutifully searching for ‘vote’, Delaware searching ‘election’, and Flordia searching ‘Trump’ (explains a lot).

The strangest of the lot was Oregon searching ‘succubus’, (a female demon who wants to have sex with sleeping men), Arkansas searching ‘furry’, and Kentucky searching ‘Among Us. As for Louisiana searching ‘popeyes’, we have one question: why does fried chicken arouse you?

I’m not 100% sure why, but California searching ‘swag’ and Texas searching ‘sexmex’ just doesn’t seem to surprise me. Nevada was a little obvious with ‘Vegas’, whilst South Carolina and Tennessee clearly have fans of mature age content, taking out the most searches for ‘grandma’ and ‘granny’.

On the other hand, Massachusetts and Oklahoma went the other way with ‘college’ and ‘cheerleader’. Also, Connecticut searching ‘wedgie’? Iconic.

Definitely, the winners of this hilarious round of Pornhub insights were Utah with ‘Mormon’, New Mexico with ‘Fortnite‘, Georgia with ‘tickling’, and North Dakota getting into the Halloween festivities with ‘pumpkin’.

But first place just has to be awarded to Mississippi’s misspelt ‘pron’. We truly hope you found what you were looking for.

Check out the whole round-up from Pornhub in all its glory below.

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