Pornhub CEO and co-owner has $20 million mansion destroyed

Just three days after hitting the market, Pornhub CEO, Feras Antoon’s opulent chateau became the target of a suspected arson attack.

In what took over a year to construct, was torn down by flames in just a matter of hours – eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, multiple elevators, a ballroom and a ‘Multi Sport Complex’ – gone. All because of Pornhub.

The Montreal mansion went up in flames on April 25, amidst ongoing construction. Investigators stated that “…the fire began inside the residence.

Pornhub mansion

Feras commented on the matter, stating to Vice that, “The residence was under construction. I am grateful that my family and I and our neighbours are safe. Out of respect for the ongoing police investigation, I will not be commenting further.”

The incident follows accusations made against Pornhub in December 2020. The site faced strong backlash over the distribution of content showing child abuse, non-consensual sexual behaviour and revenge porn.

This led to the removal of 80 per cent of the sites content, containing explicit videos that had been posted by unverified users. The scandal saw major companies, including Mastercard and Visa, withdrawing their affiliation with Pornhub.

In response, Feras admitted the huge fault within his company’s system, and expressed his desire to “…improve and always do better.”

Coincidence or?

Since the heavy criticism, there has been recent speculation involving Pornhub’s acquisition with an unidentified investor group. The group is led by Chuck Rifici – former CEO of Tweed Marijuana Inc and former CFO of the Liberal Party of Canada. When questioned about this potential investment, Rifici responded, “I’m always looking at different deals and my team at [investment firm] Bruinen is exploring a number of opportunities.” He refused to make any further comments.

To say people are displeased and disappointed is an understatement.


The investigation is ongoing, however, Police are treating it as an arson attack. It remains unclear whether or not this attack is linked to the public disgust associated with Pornhub’s child abuse incident. However, one can speculate that the prevalence of such violent material left Antoon a target for many outraged communities.