Meet the maths tutor with a cult following on Pornhub

A maths tutor from Taiwan turned to a popular adult website Pornhub to clear his debt, but he wasn’t uploading the kind of videos you’re thinking of.

The maths tutor, Shun-Wei Chang, found himself in a financial predicament after his business went south leaving him $49,000 in debt. After several failed attempts to restart his business in person, the 34-year-old decided to post his tutorials on Pornhub, cause why the heck not?

Where better than the place in which most university-aged students spend their ‘downtime’?

Image: Business Insider

“We thought of putting our videos in the most jarring place,” he told Vice.

Whilst the content is entirely educational and contains zero nudity, it has still racked up over 7,000 subscribers to the channel, with Chang’s videos being a stark contrast to the rest of the website’s content.

Screenshot: changhsumath666/Pornhub

“Play Hard Study Hard!” says Mr. Chang, who goes by the name Changshu online.

All in good humour, Chang uses cheeky tactics to gain more traffic on his videos, using familiar porn terms such as “naked”, “masturbation”, and “threesome”. Or wow, math terms have certainly changed since I was at school.

“The original intention behind putting my videos on Pornhub was to get everyone’s attention,” he said.

Unlike most on the website, Chang is fully clothed throughout his tutorials, sporting black glasses and a dark grey hoodie.

The hoodie, Chang says, has never been washed and he plans to auction it off to raise money for students in rural areas who have trouble accessing online forms of education.

Chang’s videos have many comments, with users communicating how his videos are complementary to the other content available on the website.

“Nothing like a nice Delta-Epsilon Proof for my post-nut clarity,” one such comment read.

Think of it as an after-dinner mint to cleanse one’s mind after certain activities – you might even learn a thing or two.

Provided you’re in a place where you can safely browse Pornhub, you can watch his videos here.