Pornhub sued by The Louvre over interactive ‘Classic Nudes’ guide

Pornhub has released an interactive, online guide to some of classic art’s most tantalising works.

Sex education just took on a whole new meaning.

In their latest project to diversify their brand, Pornhub brings sexy back (literally), after launching a section of their website that allows art lovers to examine famous paintings and sculptures from a sexier perspective.

Birth of Venus
Photo: YouTube/thedrum.com

Called Classic Nudes, the guide covers several famous art museums from across the globe.

These include: “the Louvre and the Musée D’Orsay in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Museo del Prado in Madrid, the Uffizi Galleries in Florence and the National Gallery in London.”

However, not everyone is happy. The Louvre and The Uffizi have both condemned the site’s actions.

The Louvre has reportedly contacted Pornhub, with lawyers demanding that the artworks be “removed at once”.

When speaking with The Daily Beast, The Uffizi’s spokesperson explained that Italian heritage laws require the permission of the museum to use their artworks.

“In Italy, the cultural heritage code provides that in order to use images of a museum, compressed works for commercial purposes, it is necessary to have the permission, which regulates the methods and sets the relative fee to be paid,” they said.

“All this obviously if the museum grants the authorization which, for example, would hardly have been issued in this case.”

According to Artnet News, the Prado, the MET and the National Gallery will “not be pursuing legal action”.

For those wondering, Pornhub’s guide consists of virtual tours of each museum.

During a tour, users can pick artworks they want to learn more about, and see some of them recreated in real life by porn producers, MySweetApple.

At the same time, Classic Nudes also offers audio commentary from porn star Asa Akira. For those a little more risqué, the guide is also available to be used on location at their respective museums.

“There’s a treasure trove of erotic art around the world—depicting nudes, orgies, and more—that’s not available on Pornhub…” Akira said about the new project.

“These pre-Internet art pieces are currently sitting in museums, which we are now finally able to start visiting again as Covid restrictions are starting to lift.”

To Akira, the audio commentaries already provided by museums are boring.

“Time to ditch those boring self-tour recordings and enjoy every single brushstroke of these erotic masterpieces with me,” Akira said.

But be warned. Anybody who wants to use the guides in the museum should have a pair of headphones ready. The guides aren’t exactly… conventional.

When narrating the story behind Jean León Gérome’s ‘Pygmalion and Galatea’ (1890), Akira describes Pygmalion as a man “who falls in love with a sculpture; the old school equivalent of the guys who marry their high-end sex dolls”.

Notable artworks that are featured include Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ (1486), Edgar Degas’ ‘Male Nude’ (1856), Gustave Courbet’s ‘The Woman in the Waves’ (1868) and more.