Pornhub has used AI technology to remaster old erotic films

Adult film company, Pornhub, has used AI technology to remaster old erotic films.

Despite being a toxic hellhole, you can’t say Pornhub never thinks of others and their needs.

In a project known as “Remastured”, Pornhub has used present-day AI technology to “restore and colourise” 20 erotic films that date back as far as 125 years ago.

Remastured 2
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To achieve such a feat, the company was required to feed 100,000 pornographic images and videos into machine learning programs to teach the AI how to accurately restore the old erotic films – which you can here.

“With the help of artificial intelligence, you can colorize even the most antique footage. However, when it comes to the subtle shades of nipples, penises, and all the turn-of-the-century bush, the algorithms simply lack the experience,” says Pornhub.

Furthermore, the company prides itself on the “limited human intervention” required in the restoration process.

Essentially, algorithms were used to reduce noise and sharpen/contrast images. Afterwards, the films “were boosted to run in 4K at 60 frames per second, and audio was either remastered or a new soundtrack was added.”

“Since the moment someone figured out how to record moving images, people have been making adult movies,” says Pornhub.

“We thought it was important to not only preserve but modernise these films, and we are very excited to include this selection of artfully restored vintage material to our library, allowing users to indulge in old school erotica from a bygone era.”

Historians and film buffs alike will appreciate the company’s efforts in ensuring that the films will stand the test of time. For example, the first film in the catalogue, The Kiss (1896), is actually the first filmed kiss in history.

Labelled as “shocking and obscene” at the time, The Kiss was merely the stepping stone to the project’s other films depicting stripping, threesomes, oral sex and everything else where people’s ankles are noticeably not covered.

“And who knows? Maybe you actually can learn something from your elders,” Pornhub justifies.