OnlyFans creator takes saucy bum pics at local Bunnings

Some woman flaunted her derriere for OnlyFans at Bunnings last week, meaning sausages weren’t the only things sizzling.

An OnlyFans content creator has shared a hot and steamy video, shot on location at Bunnings Warehouse. The footage, posted on Twitter and Instagram, shows the Gold Coast woman flashing her bum in aisle 42.

Captioned: “Do it yourself #bunnings #DIY #flashass”, the video starts out looking like your average trip to Bunnings.

Bunnings OnlyFans
Image: Twitter via Seven News

As the OnlyFans star turns into the lights aisle, you might think she’s looking for a nice torch to watch the stars this winter. But she’s not looking for stargazing, no, it’s mooning that’s on her mind.

Bunnings definitely holds a special place in every Aussie’s heart, but this video expresses that love in a whole new way.

The woman’s OnlyFans bio reveals she “really enjoy[s] camping, the nature, hiking and the beach.” It’s no wonder she was at Bunnings, and it was likely a very spontaneous, heat of the moment clip.

For someone so fond of nature, however, I would have suggested the plant section as perhaps a more vibrant, green backdrop.

Gold Coast temperatures, along with much of Australia’s, have significantly dropped this month. The woman, who is rugged up in a fleece jumper, should be commended for her courage in baring skin.

By the way, if anyone’s derriere needs warming these winter months, Bunnings Bathroom Heat Lamp features in this week’s catalogue at only $79.

It’s safe to say that anyone wandering around Bunnings that day got more than they bargained for. It’s true, lowest prices really are just the beginning of what you might find there.


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Where will the new Bunnings star strike next? Mitre 10? Stay tuned.