PREMIERE: Arrowleaf’s LP ‘Getting By’, the ultimate river of escapism

Etched in thoughtfully intricate tunes and harmonies, Arrowleaf construes a grounding LP about the relinquishing of control.

In a world where the desire for control is all-consuming and saturated in pressure, the concept of relinquishing this seems not only cathartic but revolutionary.

Arrowleaf not only dives into this freeing notion but absorbs it with their LP, Getting By. The album pushes through boundaries with its imaginative sound and poetically charming lyrics.


Based in Missoula, Montana, Arrowleaf’s frontwoman, Sarah Marker abandoned her triggering frustration of hopelessness for the world around her and turned inward, exploding in new-found light and deliverance.

The 12-track LP is saturated in simplistic, soulful tunes, built on the foundation of dreamy guitar riffs and Marker’s endearingly raw vocals. Spinning Circles kicks off the catapult into a folky galaxy, glistening in harmonies and an electronic synth as Markers echoes; “you can try to escape, but every time you’ll end up in the same place”. The tracks are construed with such thoughtfulness and intricacy, it is impossible not to get lost in them.

Moving into Thrift Store Dukes, Arrowleaf shows off their diversely immersing sound with an indie-surf bass line contrasting to the final track Used to Pray, submersed in moving orchestral strings.


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The most moving track is River, cathartically simple in its nature as the listener is saturated in nothing but angelic harmonies and soothing river sounds – like a trickling lullaby. The water flows into the climax of the album on Mtn Peak – etched with soldier-like drums and a triumphant trumpet echo, it feels like a cinematic battle to move from one’s inner-most turmoils; “You must get lost to find what you need, and what I need is room to breathe” Markers sings.

The project was construed under the heap of uncontrollable events during 2019 and 2020 serving as a reminder to relinquish the desire to control the world around us; “I’m only in control of what I can be in control. I can’t handle all of this at once, as one person” Markers says.


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In essence, Getting By is a sonic guidebook that pulls listeners into an individualistic and immersive mindset. Moving beyond the stresses and frustrations of things we cannot control, Arrowleaf shoots with precision and rawness right on the target within.

Have a listen to the wonderfully diverse and transcending piece of escapism below: