Doonie Way’s single ‘Nowhere To Run’ is the ultimate surf-rock explosion

Four-piece Victorian indie-rock band, Doonie Way, burst in a wave of vibrant colours with new single Nowhere To Run.

Doonie Way can melt a crowd with their crisp drums and belting vocals, infectiously moving and infatuating in every way.

Nowhere To Run carries on the group’s established surfy-rock tradition, with an added pull into a magnetically 70’s bursting ocean, with swallowing waves that consume you in all its energy.

Doonie Way

The track dances on the imagination, painting a picture as vividly vibrant as the album cover.  Drummer Blaike perfectly grounds Bryce’s lightning vocals, all whilst Aidan and D’Arcy blend effortlessly on guitar and bass, creating a spectacularly exciting tune. Nowhere To Run feels like a bursting ball of youthful fire, the epitome of an Aussie road trip, oozing with excitement.

It is clear that Doonie Way isn’t your average indie-rock band, there’s just something about them that oozes with gold. Having grown up together, the group has an unspoken understanding of one another, blending an indie-rock sound that moves listeners as much as it inspires.

Coming off their 2020 release Stumblin’a crowd chanting favourite that exploded on the live stage, we can only expect Nowhere To Run will have the same impact when performed.

Whilst the past year brought on some changes for the group, including Byrce taking on the role as lead vocals, it seems that nothing can slow down the electric charge Doonie Way has construed. As the track builds up to its climactic chorus, the electric riff paints psychedelic clouds in the sky, a tune so refined and sharp it will make you feel utterly invincible.


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Having shared the stage with iconic Aussie acts including The Smith Street Band, The Bennies, Young Lions and supporting Hands Like Horses, Doonie Way has ignited a spark that cannot be tamed. If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne on April 24, buy yourself and all your mates a damn ticket to Doonie Way’s gig at ‘Stay Gold’.

For those of us not so lucky… have a listen to the groups incredible new single: