PREMIERE: ávva articulates longing on her melancholic debut track Known

Melbourne-based songstress ávva is turning emotion into art, crafting powerful music that will sooth your senses and touch your soul.

Touching on themes of loss, separation and change, ávva has whipped up a brand new tune dense with emotion and raw, honest lyricism. Known is a minimalistic four minute track that showcases ávva’s voice in all its glory, the stand-out element of her debut offering.

Eerie, powerful and hauntingly beautiful, ávva’s hypnotic debut track is a meticulous flow of soft beats, textural synths and atmospheric soundscapes.

I found it so hard to be able to actually bring to life every idea that was in my brain but Hayden [Jeffery], out of many producers was one I connected with and very much captured every single one of those ideas,” says ávva.

Every sound was perfected and tweaked to project the exact mood I felt which is the vibration I want every listener to feel.”

Balancing ávva’s powerful vocals with ghostly sonics, Known emanates a certain sadness and longing, drawing listeners in with poetic lyrics. Mixed and mastered by producer Hayden Jeffery, the cinematic track conveys the feelings of being out of control, and aching for a love lost.

Although I’ve written many songs and poems over the years, this is my first track that has been produced and released. I can’t tell you exactly who or what this song is about, its deeper meaning is what I leave open for you to interpret.”

When I write, my first intent is to make art from my thoughts, create a scene and story from my emotion to help me be aware, just for my own sanity. My second intent is to write in a way that the listener will feel something so powerful and make connections.”

ávva’s heavenly voice and charming lyrics make her one to keep an eye out for, especially while herself and Hayden continue to work together on new tunes.