PREMIERE: Bruise Pristine unleash vengeful '90s rock with Not Like You

PREMIERE: Bruise Pristine unleash the spirit of angst and vengeful ’90s rock with Not Like You

Exploding onto the Aussie punk-rock scene are Sydney-based up and comers Bruise Pristine, made up of Kate Olivia (guitar/vocals), Jasmine Smith (bass) and Michelle Baker (drums).

Making a name for themselves with brooding tunes of angst and a gothic appearance, Bruise Pristine have whipped up brand new EP Not Like You with a title that says it all. Produced and mixed by Nic Franklin and mastered by Herm Kovac, Not Like You oozes with an icy, heavy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, an ode to anyone who has ever felt like a misfit.

Touching on subjects of mental illness, feelings of isolation, relationships that have gone up in flames and addiction, Not Like You is the second offering from these punk rock renegades.

Conjuring up moody, vengeful tunes nostalgic to ’80s and ’90s rock ‘n’ roll, Bruise Pristine are a female dark-punk movement with a dangerous, ass-kicking attitude.

Painting a picture of the isolated, downwards spiral is the video clip for Not Like You, a reckless and brutally honest visual of binge-drinking 20-somethings. Downing shots, swigging bourbon and cracking a bottle of champaz is a weekend routine for some, or maybe a cry for help?

As Olivia’s brooding lyrics “All I want is you, at least I think I do,” sink in, all I can think of is how much they sound like a female version of Placebo, until the chorus hits and my ass is whipped into shape. The video dances between shots of a group of friends drinking and getting ready for a night on the town, comparing the experience to someone who could be classified as a loner.

The contrasts of the snap-happy, bubbly drinking group of girlfriends to the watery-eyed, solitary drinker shows how alcohol addiction can be disguised in different ways. As the words “I’m not like you, I’m just like you” play out over a guitar-heavy, fuzzed out chorus, the two girls in the video bump into one another, and although the outside looks different, the addiction is all the same.

You can catch these ass-kicking femmes at one of the dates listed below, or alternatively check out heir Facebook and Instagram to find out more.

November 10th– Vic On The Park Hotel, Sydney w/ Blue Velvet
December 15th–  Doonside (Western Sydney house party show) w/ Paper Thin