PREMIERE: Dig out your cozzie and dive into the chilling new single from Swim Season

We all know it’s coming: the weather’s about to turn. So what better time to dig out your cozzie and dive into new music from Swim Season.

The five-piece from Melbourne have been making waves around Australia since forming in 2014, playing at local watering holes and bigger venues in support of artists like Northeast Party House, Asta and The Vanns.

Swim Season

Melbourne quintet Swim Season are back with new single, Collide, an emotive ballad packed with spacious synths and languid rhythms. Grab your cozzie and dive in.

Their latest offering, Collide sees the band taking on a more refined, ballad-driven approach for the first time.

After kicking off with some haunting choppiness, the rhythm guitar dives right in and sets the mood for the tune with some languid, moody strumming. The dreamy vocals of James Seymour join the guitar with plenty of nautical lyrics and vibes echoing that of a Half Moon Run song.

Seymour is joined in the chorus by some blissful harmonies that radiate warmth, while cavernous synths creep in, lending a darker, spacious atmosphere to the laidback track.

The rhythm of Collide is held together largely by the guitars, with the drums only making an appearance in the final minute, all crashing symbols and echoing snare – a perfect counterpoint to the tranquil opening.

Talking about the track, guitarist and songwriter Matthew Jennings says, “Lyrically, it was inspired by a number of conflicts and indecisions in my life at the time.

To put it simply, it’s about moving forward. Melodically and harmonically, I wanted to work with something simple – a song that could carry it’s own with just a guitar and voice”.

Swim Season clearly have their eye on the horizon, with plenty more music left in them.

The band formed in 2014, pieced together from various groups and solo projects, giving them a wealth of experience to draw from.

In 2015, the band released their debut EP Cascades, which featured the hugely successful track Soldiers, a song that showed off the band’s talent for catchy riffs and carefree lyrics, as well as scoring them plenty of airtime on national radio stations.

They’ve also garnered a reputation around Melbourne for bringing all the excitement of a 50-metre freestyle final featuring Michael Phelps into a single live set. So keep an eye out for Swim Season, they are sure to wash up on your shore for a show soon.