PREMIERE: Take up arms (of your dance partner) and boogie to Swim Season’s Soldiers

The last time we introduced Swim Season we called them babies, (not because they are 2 year olds and shit themselves often) but because they’d only put out one song. Now we announce them as toddlers, but the kind of toddler that people proclaim as a prodigy; you know that kid who can play piano better than Beethoven and he’s only 4? Yep well that’s what Swim Season are doing to us on their debut EP Cascades.

Swim Season Soldier

Atten-tion! Melbourne’s Swim Season are back with their new track Soldiers, a gem of indie pop that will put you at ease.

Swim Season are a five piece who hone the skill of making glistening indie pop music. The Melbourne quintet, formerly named We The People, have called upon John Castle for production and have churned out a new song called Soldiers, the lead single off their new EP Cascades coming out in November.

This song is damn catchy that’s for sure, for me it sounds very British, channeling The Wombats or the Kooks in the guitar riff, matched with that whaling vocal verse; “In spite of all that is wrong in the person you desire, in spite of all the flashing lights that tell you to run from the situation, you remain to soldier through all that is bad for your vice.” It’s one of those songs that sounds like other songs but it sounds like other good songs! And more good songs is what this world needs.

Soldiers chimes in and out and gets you grooving. The synths pretty up the chorus and make you want to dance. One can only imagine this tearing up the airwaves and dance floors around the country if not the world.With a drum beat akin to your favourite indie hits, this is a track aimed to please!

It is effervescent with the bass and what really makes this a gem is the fact that as a whole this really comes together. It’s not a song where you hear parts and only enjoy certain moments, it’s a song that doesn’t waste any space, maximising each element to create a solid and enjoyable track. A good song, a nice song, a fun song, a song that has found cohesion.

You can catch the band in the flesh in November when they welcome the arrival of Cascades with a string of launch parties.

November 6 – Gasometer, Melbourne
November 28 – The Roxbury, Sydney
December 11 – Workers Club, Geelong