Video Premiere: Swim Season – Hide and Seek

We love premiering new singles for you guys. We love premiering audio/visual clips even more. So as you could imagine we are pretty darn diddly-doodley pumped to premiere not only the new single, but also the video for Hide and Seek from Melbourne’s Swim Season!

Swim Season

They may be a baby band, but Melbourne’s Swim Season have skipped the crawling and are making impressive strides with their indie-pop. Watch the premiere of their clip for Hide and Seek here!

Swim Season are still in their infancy as a band, in fact they’ve only been around since June, but they sure as hell have been keeping busy. Previously known to the world as We The People, the Melbourne five piece re-christened themselves with a far more interesting band name and released their first single The Throne. Their hard work is certainly starting to pay off as the band unleash their new tune Hide and Seek, which continues to see the band evolve the indie-pop sound that already sits comfortably in their hands.

Hide and Seek is a nice take on the innocent game we all played when we were little (and maybe if you were older and drunker as well). The band’s playful sound is certainly at home here; the guitar dances joyfully as the light, harmonising male and female voices carry the bulk of the melody. Beneath all the shiny indie-pop are lyrics that reveal adult oriented themes that hint at lust and desire whilst maintaining a sense of childish adventure. “I am Sherlock not fully grown. My eyes are open, but I don’t see a thing where you hiding? I need to find you, I wanna see your skin” reveals the subtle parallels between playing a fun game and having ulterior motives that can hide behind it.

But let’s talk about that clip. The video, to put it frankly, is a Photoshop fiend’s tsunami of a wet dream. The images of faces pasted together singing the lyrics while other body parts are moving at a whim is very playful and as such is very fitting for a song like Hide and Seek. Things get a little trippy when two different eyeballs are pasted to a third face. Sure it’s a little silly, but that is the point with this clip. It’s about living in the moment, and more importantly seizing it without regrets.

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