PREMIERE: Diskodisco delivers raunchy synthwave bliss in his latest single The Darkest Magic

Local synthwave legend DiskoDisco is dropping a new single The Darkest Magic and we cannot wait for you to to sink your teeth into it.

The track opens with overlord affected vocals, slowly delving deeper and deeper into a galactic void. Pulsating, swirling 80s synth builds as the The Darkest Magic begins to take shape. Organs and drums make for an enigmatic and darkly powerful sonic landscape.

Our vocal commander spells out the artist’s moniker D-I-S-K-O at select intervals throughout the track.

Photo: Jake Wilton

The sound of Diskodisco is best described as experimental synthwave, complete with hard-hitting beats and a serious 80s gaming thread.

It’s not hard to detect a nostalgic undertone, with nods to the best moments in synth sound. Diskodisco has artfully combined contemporary styles with a retro landscape, keeping enough grit make his work original.

It’s a party vibe but not overdone to the point of being over-enthusiastic.

There’s a trance-like state being catalysed with each beat, it’s simple and stacked with a bravado that’s hard to ignore.

The Darkest Magic comes from Diskodisco’s upcoming debut EP titled Game Within The Game and it’s a great introduction to the artist’s work thus far. Having dropped two singles already, Syntax Error and Inspector Clive, it’s safe to say that the producer is on a swift trajectory. 

Producing alongside the guys over at GD FRNDS, Diskodisco has received international acclaim for his work, including that of Andy Last and podcast Beyond Synth in the United States.

If you’re keen to see this guy in action then get ready for Bigsound, where he will be hitting the stage at Netherworld on Thursday 7th.