Erin Buku premiers video for neo-soul single Ley Lines

Adelaide based artist Erin Buku presents her transcendent new single Ley Lines, accompanied by explorative music video

Singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Erin Buku has been making strides with her eclectic blend of genres, already garnering attention from overseas for her debut EP.

Now she follows up with Ley Lines, a lo-fi neo-soul track that explores the idea of energy currents that run through the earth and its people, referred to as song lines by indigenous peoples.

This idea of connection permeates the track, conjuring images of nature that are explored visually throughout the video. We follow Erin strolling through forests, fields of greenery and mountainous landscapes.

She sings from atop trees and amidst sprawling plants and trees, immersing herself fully with touches and barefoot dips into flowing water. Buku is soothing in her demands that we listen and fall in touch with the currents below and all around us.

With her thick and sultry tone, Buku shows off her vocal chops with both restraint and purpose. Channeling the likes of Jorja Smith and noname, Buku sits comfortably among her peers in the same way she shifts seamlessly through nature.

The music video aims to show the connection between land and sea, with Buku and her artistry at its centre.

Ley Lines carries with it an intense energy, thick beats and percussion and persistent brass intertwine with Buku’s soft harmonies.

There is a hypnotic repetition to the track, one that is reflected by repeated scenes of Buku amidst various landscapes.

Buku’s tone is full of strength, perhaps some of which she is tethering directly from Mother Nature herself.

Boombap production meshed with influences ranging from R&B to UK broken beat, Buku’s love of music and genre is clear.

She effortlessly melds sounds to her will, and comfortably steps into multiple sonic worlds. Ley Lines is an invitation to Buku’s upcoming album, as well as her first festival of the year at WOMADelaide 2024.

It would be a shame to miss such a commanding artist in the flesh, especially since she will no doubt soon be picked up and carried away by the current of those who already see her future.