PREMIERE: Fire & Whistle Theory’s new video ‘Woman’ is passion personified

Woman is the new single from Brisbane rock specialists Fire & Whistle Theory. The new single does a brilliant job of capturing the raw tension-and-release build-ups that the band have become known for.

When you’re working with what is already a well-rounded song like Woman, it certainly must inspire one to produce something of equal visual quality, and this is definitely evident in the video.

The song itself is incredibly dynamic. It begins with a soul-sponged swing style rhythm, accentuated by the crunchy guitars which work to steadily drive the of the track forward by strumming on each beat.

Immediately we are introduced to the band who are playing out the track with a live intensity that must be an absolute spectacle to see in person. The decorative rural studio in which they are playing is barely enough to contain the tangible passion in which Fire & Whistle Theory demonstrate from point go.

Cut to a monochrome scene of a mysterious girl contemplatively sipping on a cigarette whilst driving a 1964 Vista Cruiser, on her way to see a distant lover. For a time, the video remains a visual story of longing and the delight of reunification with an absent love interest.

However, hell breaks loose as the band rips without warning into a crunchy hard-rock breakdown that sees our hopeful protagonist let loose into a helpless rage at the realisation that her long-awaited return was to no avail. Her lover is not there to receive and she is undoubtedly beside herself.

Some skillful, high movement camera work, as well as post-production effects, do well to bring the scene alive by giving the video a disorienting shakey effect. They reflect perfectly the passion and helplessness of our protagonist as well as the raw rock sound which is rare to here in such a distilled form as is heard in the characteristic sound Fire & Whistle Theory.

Watch the video below and follow their socials to stay up to date with one of Queensland’s most engaging rock performances going at the moment.