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PREMIERE: Nicholas Allbrook brings a psychedelic touch to Halo Maud’s ‘Tu sais comme je suis’

Common denominator; a chimeric, psychedelic touch and the superimposition of images dealing with a certain idea of solitude. When Nicholas Allbrook meets Halo Maud, it feels like this was meant to be.

The prodigious frontman of Pond has offered an ethereal take on Tu sais comme je suis, off Halo Maud’s 2018 album Je Suis Une île, adding a dose of undulating guitars and drifting synth pads to his version.

nicholas allbrook Halo Maud Tu sais comme je suis

Nicholas Allbrook has covered Halo Maud’s Tu sais comme je suis, lacing the French classic with neo-psychedelic hooks.

The track is an invitation to a long, dreamlike journey, punctuated by the bittersweet French saying Tu sais comme je suis (“You know how I am”). It stands as final statement of an ending relationship, after everything else has been said.  

Allbrook has always known how to handle his quirky melodies, and it shows in this new cover. He explains:

“It’s really hard to know what to do when covering a very beautiful song. I couldn’t hope to improve on the playing, production, composition or singing, so what was I meant to do? Why am I here? Turns out I’m a very lucky boy with extremely talented, kind and good looking friends who could lend me their skills and toys and save me from sounding like a total pelican, hacking away making a shittier version of Maud’s brilliant work. So thanks to them, and Bravo Maud, you’re a genius, thank you for the opportunity.”

It’s not the first time that Allbrook has collaborated with French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud. On St. Pete — from his third solo album Wabi Sabi Bruto Bruta (2019)he juxtaposed the crude verses (“I assumed heaven was reserved for the liberals”) with Maud’s superbly sensual voice through the chorus (“Like a halo of sparks / Lighting the dark / Learning from you / But it’s hurting me too”).

Instable, dissonant and rakish, Tu sais comme je suis emphasises each artists’ aesthetic, resulting in an unpredictable harmonic resolution.


Tu sais comme je suis is out December 6th via Michel Records. Pre-save the song here.

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December 5, 2019