PREMIERE: Flare Voyant flaunt their vintage-rock charisma on new double-single

The charismatic and eclectic Flare Voyant have unveiled their third release, a double-single featuring the two tracks Gotta Gotta and Tunes For The Moods.

Following on from their previous successes Borders and Ephermeral Romance, this material promises exciting momentum from the band as they continue to flaunt their modern expressionism and contemporary take on classic 70’s rock in their own flamboyant, bohemian sound.  

Flare Voyant flaunt their charismatic, contemporary take on classic 70s rock on with Gotta Gotta and Tunes for the Moods, their new double-single.

This new release showcases the diverse roots of the band and their magnetic union as they’ve now come together in London. Parisian lead singer Thomas Baigeneres adds his taste of French romance and poetry with his lyricism and flare. On Gotta Gotta, Baigeneres sings “A new renaissance, every day and there’s a new day dawning,” encompassing the band’s streak of modern renaissance and their contemporary spin of classic rock n’ roll.

Drummer Anthony Paine lays down a rock-steady beat, driving the song with alternating crisp fills and dense symbols. Woozy effects layered under a taut guitar line from Greek-Italian hot blood Rod Bourganos add to the classic rock vibe; reminiscent of the greats such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones who also recorded with Chris Kimsey back in the day.

The second track of the single, Tunes for the Moods, brings a cooler groove to the release with a funky, more atmospheric sound. Grisha Grigory’s smooth bass moves underpin the melodic flow to the track and Bourganos’ twangy guitar adds to the funk frenzy. 

Do yourself a favour and listen to the two new tracks above.