PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the idiosyncratic sounds of Flour Flour’s new EP Dimension A

Berkeley, California based duo Flour Flour make some of the most endearing alt-pop music we’ve come across in some time. It’s idiosyncratic and almost impossible to rip your attention away from.

As they bounce through shimmering production and airy vocal hooks, the two-piece craft an experimental sound that feels simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. Now, with the release of their new EP Dimension A, Flour Flour have further refined their sound to craft something pretty special.

On their incredibly unique new EP Dimension A, Californian duo Flour Flour present an idiosyncratic and endearing brand of new-wave alt-pop that’ll consume you wholly.

Across the new EP’s five track duration, the West Coast duo meld characteristics of new-wave, pop, and indie-rock to deliver a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

With their captivating pop hooks and strange, hallucinatory instrumentation, Flour Flour create entire worlds within each of their songs – their quirky soundscapes are incredibly easy to lose yourself within.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above, and if you find yourself in California over the next couple of weeks, you can catch Flour Flour live at any of the following dates:

September 13th – Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland, CA
September 28th – Bowles Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Tickets and info here.