PREMIERE: Inklines deliver an epic slice of alt-rock on ‘Violet’

The 2010s, it can be said, has gifted us with a tremendous resurrection of post-punk, the kind that permeated the 80s. As we wade further into the new decade, we can speculate with excitement over the musical offerings of the 2020s. While its influence on subsequent rock bands can’t be denied, we have yet to witness an authentic revival of 90s alt-rock. Although, the very beginnings of which may just be on the horizon.

Sydney’s Inklines have hit us with a brand new single, Violet. Forming on the Northern Beaches in 2017, Inklines got themselves off to a fast start. In a few short years, they have twice embarked across the country, released two EP’s and supported Aussie veterans British India on tour.


Sydney’s Inklines have come out with a new single, Violet. The track demonstrates all of the best things that characterised alt-rock in the 90s.

Through these endeavours, Inklines have quickly generated a passionate following with their unique take on the sounds of that era of alt-rock. Their debut EP, Willing & Able, captured all the atmosphere, theatre and drama reminiscent of the genre’s most prominent flag-bearers; from Silverchair to Bends-era Radiohead.

Thematically, Violet expertly demonstrates feelings of melancholy and the constant strive for belonging. Frontman Will Tremain has clearly honed his craft as a lyricist, his introspective musings and deft symbolism bring a refreshing angle to these themes, which can otherwise be susceptible to generic tropes or clichés.

Additionally, Tremain’s vocal performance only compounds the track’s emotiveness. During the verses, a tense, moody melody slowly builds and swells before ascending into an anthemic chorus. The ultimate payoff, however, comes around in the song’s outro, as Tremain throws everything into a show-stopping finish with a brutal, foot-stomping riff snarling behind him.

This riff is perhaps the biggest indicator of Inklines’ affinity for alt-rock. It is guitar music, and therefore must be honoured as such with beefy riffs. Bassist Daniel Mulroney and drummer Tom Bowden cater to this perfectly on Violet, providing the ultimate cradle for a guitar-driven pummelling.

With Violet, Inklines have created something truly cinematic, sprawling and vivid. Moreover, they have shed light on the possibility of a genuine alt-rock revival. If Inklines are any indication, we’re pretty happy to see it happen.

You can check out everything Inklines has to offer here. Meanwhile, listen to Violet above.