PREMIERE: James Bennett takes us on a whimsical folk journey on Gypsy Love

Folk magician James Bennett reveals another taste of his work in the lead up to his upcoming third studio album, sharing his wonderfully dreamy new music video and song, Gypsy Love.

Featuring ex John Butler Trio drummer Michael Barker, Gypsy Love is the dreamy new music video from James Bennett that will melt your indie folk heart.

Watch and you’ll melt into the sun-drenched sounds of his mind; aesthetically reminiscent of a late 60s home-recorded movie, he’s captured Tanayah Tooze drifting and dancing through Australian bushlands while he strums along on his acoustic guitar. The clip is nostalgically black and white, with all the pops and crackles of analogue tape creating a real wistfulness to accompany the emotional vibrancy of Bennett’s songwriting.

His words capture the essence of a gypsy heart with “time is so strange / she comes and goes / and there she stands, alone”. The potent simplicity in his lyricism allows us to drift into the music, a blend of honey-suckle vocals and harmonies, soulful guitar melodies, and gentle percussion by ex-John Butler Tri drummer Micheal Barker along with Mike Rix on upright bass.

Not only does the video intimately feature Tooze and Bennett, but it’s also shot uniquely by the pair and edited by Bennett himself.  A true indie project, Gypsy Love is a glimpse inside his whimsical musings and lyricism. The visuals are probably heavily influenced by his Newcastle roots as he takes us amongst rolling hills, daisy plains, soft bushlands and the water’s edge.

The delicacy of his performance has been refined through his practice, as he takes to the stage over 100 times a year and has already supported for artists such as The John Butler Trio, The Whitlams, and Newton Faulkner. Growing up listening extensively to Bob Dylan and Paul Kelly, these influences past and present seep into his skilful alternative folk sound.

With his third studio album set to be released later this year, we’re hanging for more hippie indie love from this folk dreamboat. Meanwhile, you can dive into the video clip for Gypsy Love above.