PREMIERE: Lo-fi Mac Demarco vibes and crystallised grooves, The Ohmy Days own it on Too Well

Fresh on the music scene yet creating tunes beyond their years, The Ohmy Days are a lofi-psych pop pentagon made up of Griff Owen (vocals and guitar), Noah Dillon (drums), Alex Chiaramonte (bass), Hugo Campbell (percussion) and Will Phillips (guitar).

Having played together since graduating high school, The Ohmy Days have already recorded a handful of singles that are far from amateur. Their new single, Too Well draws similarities to Mac Demarco and Millions, welcoming listeners with jangly guitars, crystallised grooves and catchy vocals.

It’s a rare experience loving a song after a first play, yet The Ohmy Days have seemingly nailed that in Too Well and we can’t help but feel hungry for more. The track beams an unexpected rays of warm, watery melodies, sleepy guitar and twangy, uplifting hooks with some pretty insane harmonica.

Combine it all with Owen’s edgy vocals and that, my friends, is a recipe for success. Being such a fresh-faced band, we chatted to Owen to find out bit more about how the song came together, how The Ohmy Days are tackling the Perth music scene and how long we’ll have to wait to hear more.

the ohmy days

Beaming out unexpected rays of warm, watery melodies, lo-fi Mac Demarco vibes and crystallised grooves, Too Well is a loveable gem from Perth boys The Ohmy Days.

HAPPY: How do you guys all know each other, and what made you decide to form the band?

THE OHMY DAYS: Hey! Well Hugo, Alex, Noah and I have all known each other for an age, just through going to school together and playin in the same sport teams growing up and so on. And so when we properly decided to form the band just after finishing high school we started as a four piece, but kinda realised pretty fast we needed someone who could actually play some lead guitar. And we’d met Will through friends and from going to gigs and stuff and yeah he just slotted in perfectly.

HAPPY: Is The Ohmy Days your first project?

THE OHMY DAYS: Yeah, well I think will was in some school bands and stuff, I think he actually got kicked out of Mosquito Coast before it was Mosquito Coast (true), but for most of us this was our first shot at properly writing and recording.

HAPPY: As a band starting out in the most isolated city in Australia, what’s it like trying to break through? How is the scene in Perth at the moment?

THE OHMY DAYS: You don’t really notice it a whole lot to be honest, you just kinda focus on what you’re doing, like gigging and writing. I guess it’s probably harder to make that big breakthrough, but I feel like once you finally get it you’ll probably be more prepared. If that makes any sense. Because the Perth scene is really dope, lovely people, amazing bands, quite a tight knit group, and because it is so isolated, as a band you get vetted pretty hard by the local crowds, so if you aren’t very good, people just stop coming to ya shows, I think that’s why there are so many really good tight bands in Perth. I’m gassing a bit, but you get my drift.

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HAPPY: Too Well has more of a lo-fi, Mac DeMarco vibe to it, compared to your previous stuff which is more straight up psych. Is this a firm new direction for you guys?

THE OHMY DAYS: Um, I don’t think it’s intentional, like we didn’t sit down and go alright lets go this way. But we wrote that first EP fresh outta high school, and probably rushed into it, we were all very new to writing songs and playing gigs, so we just got a bit excited and smashed it out pretty quick. So in that sense I think this single is probably a better reflection of us and the direction that we’re going, we’ve worked really hard on it, I think it’s more of a mature sound.

HAPPY: What are your musical influences and do they reflect on your sound?

THE OHMY DAYS: We all listen to so many different bands so its pretty hard to narrow down all our influences, but we all really appreciate each others taste, i mean it kinda ranges from bands like The Seeds to MF DOOM. As a band collectively though I think we’d have to say The Growlers. I mean, Brooks’ lyrics and Scott’s production on the earlier albums (Are You In Or Out? or Hung At Heart), for us it doesn’t get much better. But yeah we definitely shape our sound around the bands we listen too, even if we don’t intend to sometimes. It’s too god damn hard to be completely original these days.

HAPPY: The production on the new track is so dope. What’s your recording process like, do you guys record yourselves or did you work with a producer?

THE OHMY DAYS: Bless. Unfortunately we can’t take all the credit on this one though, we did the drums with our mate Chet at his house, but the rest we did with another friend, Jordan, at our harpist’s (Hugo) house. Then we had a couple trial mixes and made sure we had got everything down with Jordan, then finally gave it to another friend, Jack, who we finished it off with. All done within the comfort of our homes. Bit of a process when you write it down, but we did work really hard on it so we are very very grateful for your kind words. In the end it pays off to have really nice talented friends.

HAPPY: What’s next on the cards for you boys, any tours in the works?

THE OHMY DAYS: After this single launch I guess we are just going to write more songs and hopefully keep releasing, we’ve already got a bunch of songs recorded and ready to release so we are excited for that. But yeah if we get some money somehow a tour would be great. It’s still early days and we get that, until then though we are just gonna keep on keepin’ on.

Make sure you check out The Ohmy Days launching Too Well at the Rosemount Hotel in Perth, Friday August 18th. Catch all the info here.