Spotify stats show that music plays a vital role in helping surgeons operate

Spotify stats: This is what surgeons listen to while they operate on patients

Music has been proven to be an effective way to help surgeons relax while operating, resulting in better technique and cleaner incisions. But what do you reckon surgeons listen to? Spotify, as usual, have the answers.

Music plays an important part in the operating theatre, with Spotify revealing surgeons don’t mind listening to anything from classic rock and roll to R&B while you’re under the knife.

According to Gizmodo, music is suggested to help surgeons relax, keep calm, improve focus, and eliminate tension.

Spotify revealed the most commonly listened tunes played during surgery are rock and roll artists such as Metallica, Led Zeppelin and ACDC coming in hot at 49%. Followed by pop music at 48%,  classical music at 43%, jazz at 24% and finally, R&B at 21%.

90% of surgeons are said to listen to music in the operating theatre, with 89% listening to playlists over albums. And it doesn’t stop there: surgeons have been known to be open to taking requests from patients who are awake during surgery. C-sections are one example where surgeons run with the patients choice of music, and if they have no choice, then ‘name that song’ is generally the next best option. 

According to Gizmodo, 44% of anesthesiologists, anesthesiology residents and certified nurse anesthetist’s also listen to rock music when putting patients to sleep and 59% opting out, choosing to listen to pop music.

If you have a mental image of surgeons blasting music and dancing around an operating table, just know that the music is actually turned down during the trickier, messier parts. And we can’t be sure, but there probably isn’t too much dancing involved.

Here’s a playlist of the most common songs listened to by surgeons:

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