PREMIERE: Lord Dodongo’s final singles are journeys of spine-tingling psych revelry

Northern Beaches five-piece Lord Dodongo really know how to take you on a musical journey, with tracks that effortlessly blend clashing genres, weird time signatures, freakout noise, and occultist lyrics, their music will take you on a whirlwind of psychedelic recklessness.

The band formed in early 2017, and has since established themselves in Sydney’s psych-rock scene, with their intense and explosive live shows.

Lord Dodongo give us a bittersweet goodbye as their final two tracks,  Deep Water and Great Poison Sea, take us on journeys of spine-tingling psychedelic revelry.

Lord Dodongo recorded their debut EP Creatures last year, tracking four live songs to tape at Damien Gerard studios. Now they’re releasing two new tracks, Deep Water and Great Poison Sea, which were recorded with Dan Frizza, who has worked with the likes of George Michael and Xavier Rudd. Sadly, because several members of the band are moving overseas indefinitely, these two tracks will be the last we’ll hear from Lord Dodongo.

Deep Water is an unexpected and enthralling psych-rock endeavour. The track begins with catchy alt-rock guitar licks and driving percussion layered with haunting vocals. The majority of the song builds suspense and gradually spirals into swirling saturated psychedelic revelry, as the track bursts at the seams with raucous energy.

Great Poison Sea is an experimental, ten-minute journey of ambitiously immersive arrangements, raspy vocals, fuzzy guitars and sinister lyrics. The track is a mind-melting kaleidoscopic masterpiece, with heart-pumping dynamics that take you from robust and energetic grungy rock, to the chilling atmospheric sounds of the gates of hades in a matter of seconds. Spine-tingling good from start to finish.

Deep water has been around since the embryonic stages of the band, their first step towards the heavier side of psychedelia and Great Poison Sea was the final song written as a group. These songs bookend the band’s EP Creatures, defining the journey of Lord Dodongo – from the womb to the tomb. 

Both songs will be released on all platforms on July 4th. Make sure you get out to see the launch of these tracks, and Lord Dodongo’s final show, Thursday the 4th of July at Frankie’s Pizza.