Watch Dave Grohl reunite with the Swedish medic who fixed his broken leg

Four years ago in Gothenburg, Dave Grohl famously tumbled off the stage when these legendary words came out of his mouth, “I think I  just broke my leg.”

In the most rock and roll moment possible, Grohl returned to stage only minutes later with a Swedish medic and his shattered leg to play the rest of the set.

The Foo Fighters have return to Sweden and dedicated My Hero to the medic who treated Grohl’s broken leg after famously falling off stage in 2015.

This pivotal moment in the Foo Fighters’ career featured an elevated and bandaged leg, a lot of head banging and a very kind Swedish bloke tending to the fracture. Returning to Sweden to headline Lollapooloza, Dave paid tribute to the medic who aided the broken leg on stage with their song My Hero.

The song begins and a very excited Grohl spots him and screams almost in gibberish, “there he is motherfucker that’s him right there”. The cam blasts him onto the big screen as he throws his hands in the air and the crowd sings the chorus to him.

The stadium is in a state of euphoria as they begin to crowd surf him down to the stage, “First of all this man is a fucking doctor, you guys get him up here right now.” Eventually, doctor Johan reaches the band and shares the stage, but not before a wholesome embrace.

Watch the video below to see Grohl and the medic reunite with an affectionate nuzzle.