PREMIERE: the self-titled debut album by Love, DEAN

On their self-titled record, the soulful stylings of wife-husband team Love, DEAN shine through in eleven perfectly chiselled pop songs.

Meeting on the first day of music school, the chemistry between the husband and wife musical team of Rachael and Luke Price must’ve been immediately apparent. Going on to form their band Love, DEAN — and crafting a collection of refined, soulful pop tunes on their self-titled debut — that bond, evidently, has only gotten stronger.

Combining Rachael’s background of Americana and gospel, and Luke’s bluegrass and honky-tonk, the resulting music is fresh, yet familiar. It’s one that pays homage to a range of stylistic turns throughout recent American history, while also honouring the group’s core partnership.

Love, DEAN

Though the record traverses a range of different energies, an atmosphere of intimacy is evoked throughout. From the opener Fool onwards, the sounds are up close and personal, with the harmonies of the protagonists delicately woven into the mix.

It’s perfectly in keeping with the confessional and conversation lyricism that dominates the record. Rachael says that “this album is a love letter to anyone who listens.” And that’s as apt a description as any of the record’s lyrical terrain.

For example, who hasn’t said something in haste to a special person in their life, and immediately sought to undo the hurt. The album’s second track, You Won’t Forget, is a perfect depiction of this kind of regret. This poignant relatability is a thread that ties the record together and will no doubt speak to many listeners.

Love, DEAN

The music is joyous, cathartic, and supremely executed. Aside from the formidable talents of its core members, Love, DEAN was supported by an all-star cast of players across rhythm and horn sections. It’s rich in vintage tone colours, with Hammond organ swells, chimes from the Rhodes, splashes of strings, and even an exultant gospel choir in the chilling closer, Whitest Dove. And despite the breadth of this palette, the chamber-sized ambience is maintained, meaning the crispy analog edges of the instrumental and vocal tones are always present and vital.

The Love, DEAN experience is one that offers up more rewards on each listen. Dive into the band’s self-titled record below: