PREMIERE: Maja proves she’s the new face of contemporary Aussie soul with new single Wake Up and Find

From Brisbane to Melbourne, she’s been moving all over Australia. Yet one thing’s for sure, Maja has not lost touch of her sound. In fact her most recent release Wake Up and Find has us begging for more.

A slice from her upcoming second EP, she has gifted us some bloody sweet soul for our Tuesday. Fans of Meg Mac, Gretta Ray and Joss Stone will be more than on board with this new one.

Packed with originality in lyricism and seriously funky builds, Maja has some pretty phenomenal talent and Wake Up and Find has us itching for her next EP.

Following on from last year’s single Hurting Now, which was well received by the likes of Dave Ruby Howe on Triple J, Maja’s next record is not likely to slip under the radar.

The Serbian born singer is classically trained and this becomes more and more apparent in her music. Bringing back a classic sound with an edgy twist and youthful tone, it seems that this sultry soul artist is making sure the greats are not forgotten.

But the hype doesn’t stop there, in the wake of her sophomore EP release (scheduled for later this year) we can expect to see Maja on stages across the country, performing her own intimate sets and a bunch of smaller festivals.

Preaching an upbeat and accessible message, Maja has stated “I wanted to say that everything would work out if you could just have trust in yourself but that there was still a lot of learning to go.” 

And it’s almost impossible to walk away from this one without feeling uplifted.  With licks of country and a distinct lack of brass, Maja has brought to life her take on influences such as Lesley Gore and The Supremes. Bright and unique, Maja is an asset to Australian soul music.