Premiere: Chloe Gill meets her younger self in new music video for ‘Circulated Fantasies’

With crisp linen sheets and mesmerising sunsets, the music video for Chloe Gill’s new single Circulated Fantasies can only be described as a daydream. 

Chloe Gill has shared the new music video for her latest single Circulated Fantasies. Created in collaboration with videographer and photographer Wanagi Zable-Andrews, the clip captures the organic essence of Circulated Fantasies and its creation.

Referencing the single’s genesis in Gill’s bedroom, the video opens with singer-songwriter strewn on a bed in an open field, before interspersing clips of a young child in various grassy locales.  

Chloe Gill video premiere 'Circulated Fantasies'

In between collecting handfuls of flowers and scribing in her journal, Gill can be seen wielding an acoustic guitar and lolling in crisp white linens.

There’s an air of comfort that permeates throughout the video, as if Gill is recalling her younger years amid the orange glow of the sunset. Elsewhere, birds-eye shots create a sense of airy spaciousness, culminating in a visual that can only be described as a daydream.

The video was shot in a skydiving landing zone, and arose out of Gill and Zable-Andrews’ shared vision of staying true to the single’s meaning.

“The storyline of the song and the meaning behind the lyrics [needed] to be portrayed,” Gill said of the music video in a press statement. “When planning the video it was very important it made a continuous reference to the tracks authenticity and organicness.” 

With these enchanting visuals, Gill caps off what was an already impressive effort with Circulated Fantasies. Produced by Skeggs and DMA’s collaborator Jack Nigro, the single showcases Gill’s effortless vocal range and emotive penmanship, all bound by the tender strings of acoustic guitar and subtle percussive flairs.

Equal parts dreamy and commanding, the track marks Gill’s arrival in the Aussie pop scene, and outlines a promising trajectory for the Newcastle musician.

“This is one of the most emotional tracks I have ever written,” Gill said of Circulated Fantasies in a press statement upon its release.

The single follows Gill’s debut effort Die Alone, which arrived in 2022 and was accompanied by an official live retention.

Elsewhere, Gill is gearing up for the release of her debut EP, which is in the midst of its recording and production phase. 

Chloe Gill video premiere 'Circulated Fantasies'

In the meantime, check out the blissful new music video for Circulated Fantasies above, and head here to listen to the single on Spotify.