PREMIERE: LA based pop sensation Eli Raybon drops the 80s infused new EP Green

With a rich and clear sound, Eli Raybon is an exciting new addition to funk-laden pop. It’s here that he presents his larger than life EP Green. Jam-packed with blistering horns and drums to make you swoon, this record is diverse and exquisitely produced.

With a broad and familiar vocal tone, the US based Raybon is an artist to engage with without feeling like you’re on the outside. Green is inviting and personal with just the right amount of mystery, flickers of light and dark appearing to reflect an intoxicating optimism.

Confident without being overbearing, Green is a handily crafted mix of sounds and influences held together by the fast paced, sharp lyricism of Raybon.

Opening track 30 Cents is dynamic and punchy. With huge drums and horns it’s hard to imagine the rest of the record falling to the wayside, a really solid opener. The synth right here is impeccable.

Like An Eel and Sucker in Me take it down a notch, yet still bringing in huge choruses to get you going.

Finally Unsymmetrical is blippy and filled with production treats, a hazy vocal and a slightly robotic inflection. Green has taken a journey away from where it started, but somehow didn’t lose its impact.

A true revival of the best elements the 80s had to offer, Raybon flavours Green with a contemporary stain that only makes things tastier.

Eli Raybon has given us an EP with a bit of everything, showcasing not only his ability to navigate pop in a compelling and deliberate way, but to marry this with a clarity of lyricism and narrative.