PREMIERE: Enter the strange, euphoric darkness of Outside The Academy’s Hand In Hand (Let’s Go)

Outside The Academy, the solo project of Pawel Cholewa, is like the soundtrack to some demented underground disco. Equal parts dance-able and haunting, it’s truly mesmerising.

Hand In Hand (Let’s Go), the newest single from Outside The Academy, is dark, glitchy, and strangely euphoric.

Filled with dark, twisted, and glitchy instrumentation, Hand In Hand (Let’s Go), the latest offering from Outside The Academy, is unusually euphoric.

With its thumping electronic drum beat, distorted synths, and crunching guitars, Hand In Hand (Let’s Go) feels as though it’s going to burst at any given moment.

The constant building of twisted disco beats and droning, expressive vocals, creates a constant feeling of suspense.

With experience playing in a number of indie-rock, folk, and electronic bands around Melbourne, Cholewa decided in 2014 to try his luck on his own. Now, with two impressive EPs under his belt (one mixed by Konstantin Kersting of The Belligerents) OTA has mastered the dark art of weaving together these incredibly unique sonic barrages.

Cholewa now produces much of his music himself, alongside Steve Tyssen, and is also looking to complete his PhD in creative writing and literary studies.

Outside The Academy also keeps up a pretty consistent touring schedule, so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tour dates.