PREMIERE: Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks unveil their new video for Where’s Mumma Gone?

Rhyece O’Neill & The Narodniks are swaggering back onto our radar with Where’s Mumma Gone?the first single from their upcoming album Los Diablos. A dark desert stomp, the wild and frayed feel takes you straight to the outback with their shady country blues.

The Narodniks’ swaggering new video for Where’s Mumma Gone will leave you feeling like you’ve crashed a week-long blues bender.

Rhyece has taken his music around, from outback pubs to city bars, before forming The Narodniks in Melbourne. Together, the band recorded and toured Übermensch Blues and Death of a Gringo. Los Diablos will be the third in an epic album trilogy of gothic country blues from the outlaws.

Where’s Mumma Gone? was recorded live to tape in one take at Sono records in Prague last year, during a mid-Europe rampage. Steeped in country rock n’ roll, Rhyece features on the harmonica and vocals, grumbling away over electric guitars howling with that desert twang. David Cadoret plucks out a romping double bass line and Liam Wilkerson keeps the stomping percussion throughout, with some moaning back up vox to add to the scraggly mood.

“Most film clips are stupid. This one is no exception,” the group posted on their facebook video.

The guys have abandoned all self-care in this clip that ravages around a classic muso share house in the middle of god knows where. Empty beer bottles, dirty dishes, smashed plates. It feels like you’re crashing a rehearsal after a week-long bender as the group hammer away on their instruments in a classic grunge of black and white.

Check out their devil-may-care attitude in the clip below:

Los Diablos is set to come out this September via Cactus Records.