PREMIERE: Sainthill’s new video Swamp Song is unique, enthralling and bizarre

All artists face the following conflict; whether to make art for yourself or for your audience. This is a grey line, and most aren’t sure where it lies.

While visiting New Orleans, Melbourne’s Tom Larkey (aka Sainthill) was struck by the local artists and their dedication to playing music purely for the joy of it.

On the woozy new Swamp Song, Sainthill explores “passion and the elusiveness of creative fulfilment,” to deliver a track that is stunning, haunting, and bizarre all at once.

Sainthill’s new video Swamp Song explores the dilemma of creative fulfilment in the most bizarre way possible.

With a charming, DIY, bedroom feel, Swamp Song navigates swirling and fuzzy soundscapes to deliver a unique blend of shoegaze and post-punk. The songs simmers and builds until it eventually bursts with a searing guitar solo that cuts through the fuzzy backing like a hot knife through butter.

With two full-length albums already under his belt, Swamp Song is the latest taste of Sainthill’s upcoming third album Folk Romantic, due out May 27th through Hawk Moth Records.

Directed and shot by Grantley Smith, the song’s music video follows Larkey dressed as a dissatisfied alligator, who eventually falls in love with a local pelican. I think. It’s a love story as old as time.

Hilarious and somewhat confusing, the new video is well worth a watch. Check it out above.


If you want to hear the new track live, head down to Sainthill’s Folk Romantic album launch at The Gasometer Hotel on May 27th.