PREMIERE: Soar through La Luna, the existential new single from Indigo

Mandurah outfit Indigo have just shared yet another spellbinding single, La Luna, with an equally mesmerising film clip to match.

Another step on their indie-rock journey, this single is tinged with darker hues and is awash with existential substance that leads the band into new, expanding territory. 

Indigo La Luna

Featuring kaleidoscopic visuals and a concern with eternal consciousness, La Luna is the mesmerising new release from Mandurah five-piece Indigo.

With themes centred around the endless and the eternal, Chris Kinna carries both the voice and conscience of La Luna. The spacious, brooding verses allow his lyrics to linger on the soul, before the rising chorus “mixing ancient blood/with cosmic love”. 

In this swirling refrain we’re swept into atmospheric electric guitars, ethereal riffs and vocals in a full-bodied retro-pop sound, underpinned by the driving rhythm section of David Williams on bass and Josh Beaumont on drums. 

Newcomer Raurke George wraps it up with a soaring guitar solo as we’re carried through the universe of their sound, and you can thank Dylan Keirnan for the recording, mixing a production of the track (not to mention producing the film clip, which was filmed by Jaxon Foal).

In the film clip the musicians themselves are lost in their sound, depicted blindfolded in the motherland of Western Australia. Kaleidoscopic visuals merge and mirror each other in an interconnected twirl. There’s a disorientation of perspective, where ocean swells could be metabolising cells.

“La Luna is about how we are endless and always in this moment,” Kinna shares, reflecting on the humanity of his writing.

Following on from last year’s singles Eclipse and Stay, La Luna is an exhilarating new release with the perfect indie rock chemistry, dyed with nostalgia and that atmospheric ’80s pop feel.


Indigo are launching their new single on the 10th of August, for those of you that are on that side of the country make your way to the Aadvaark in Freemantle and see the magic for yourselves.